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We are kind of grassroots, garagiste style extra vergine olive oil producing earthlings. The rare quality of our product lies in the accuracy of our production ways - meaning, we love what we do. The olive oil we produce is first and foremost delivered to our families & friends - who obviously trust our abilities to create something special. Well, the product is the Taggiasca olive, which grows on a narrow slope along the Ligurian coast. When Benedictine monks planted the Taggiasca olives between the cities of Arma di Taggia and Andorra, they knew what a treacher those plants were and how our local mirco climate would favoure their creation of the most delicate oil in the greater mediterranian area. If you want to know more about our version of this sensual

product, please keep reading.

the property towards the coast

Being this close to the coast, sea salt is added by wind and rain to the flavour of our olives.

the amphitheater

The amphitheater shape of the property helps collect underground water. Our property has four wells, which is quite unusual, since Liguria is considered a dry rock. 


Since we don´t add any fertilizer, it´s pretty much up to nature how the harvest goes.

old tree in full bloom

Our trees are between 10 & 300 years old. We trim every other year.

Diano Castello, the old village situated between us and the coast, where we found so many answers.


Il grande Toto - an old olive soul and good teacher.

The only outsider who helps us sometimes.


Yep, that´s us - we were told, our customers would probably like to see a foto of us. 



Our little Fattoria, where most of the magic happens...



The Fattoria Bestagni is the quintessence of a vision, a dream, a lot of hard work and tons of love.

Honestly, our best offer: COME & VISITE! See the trees, smell the sea, forget a little and if we have some time left, we might even cook you a great dinner and then we´ll talk about our crazy red wines...

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